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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Anticoagulation & DVT Service

How to find us

The Anticoagulant Department is situated on the ground floor of the Oncology Centre; Area N. The nearest car-park is Car-Park 5.

Anticoagulation Clinic

Northampton General Hospital




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Anticoagulant Clinic

Anticoagulant Clinic: Telephone 01604 54(5707)

Opening hours
 Monday  09:00-16:00 
 Tuesday  08:00-17:00 
 Wednesday  08:00-16:00
 Thursday  08:00-16:00
 Friday  08:00-16:00
 Saturday  No Service
 Sunday  No Service


The anticoagulant nursing team work under the guidance of the Anticoagulant Consultant Haematologist, to provide a comprehensive anticoagulant service for Northamptonshire incorporating:

  • The management and outpatient dosing of anticoagulant patients in Northampton and surrounding area
  • Anticoagulant Clinic within NGH
  • Ward Inpatient Dosing
  • DVT Clinic and ultrasound scanning
  • New Patient Referral Clinics
  • Education for Medical and Nursing Staff
  • Extended Thromboprophylaxis Clinic for Lower Limb Immobilisation (commenced February 2011)

Community Anticoagulant Service

  • We currently undertake almost all outpatient anticoagulant dosing within the Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust area.
  • The number of patients being prescribed warfarin has risen dramatically since 1995 when the British Haematology Society recommended the use of oral anticoagulants for the prevention of strokes in patients diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation.
  • These patients are prescribed warfarin for life and their management requires continued monitoring of blood levels.
  • The Community Service was set-up to provide outpatient management of anticoagulant patients, by specialist nurses working in Northampton General Hospital but providing the patient care within the community setting.
  • We provide outpatient clinics in over 20 GP Surgery sites where our community phlebotomists take blood samples either at GP clinics or as domiciliary visits to patients’ homes.
  • Blood samples are then transported back to the hospital for analysis and the results are relayed directly from the Haematology Laboratory to our computerised dosing system. The Anticoagulant Nurses then dose the anticoagulant patients.
  • Results and doses are posted to the patients on the same day.
  • With a current database of 4,000 patients - this service currently manages over 40,000 dosing visits per year.

DVT Clinic

Since the opening of the DVT Clinic in May 2003 we have provided a 5 day service for the outpatient assessment and treatment of patients with suspected Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). We take direct referrals from clinicians (GP / A&E / EAU / Outpatients).

This is a Nurse-Led Clinic and we are able to initiate anticoagulant therapy for patients diagnosed with DVT using Patient Group Directions and Local Clinical Guidelines.

Patients must be able to get to the clinic independently.

We work together with the Consultant Lead to develop and provide anticoagulant protocols and guidelines for use throughout the Trust.

We continue to develop and implement education / information resources for anticoagulant patients and their families and for other healthcare professionals.

The service ensures that any developments in nursing care are in line with the Strategy of Nursing.

The team has developed strong productive working links between hospital and community staff to ensure quality care for anticoagulant patients.

 Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) - Patient Information

DVT Access hours

Referral by Clinician ONLY and attendance by appointment only. Referrals must be made on ICE (Out-Patient DVT Referral Form Lower Limb)

Outside these hours please use Out of Hours Guidelines.

Patients must be able to get to the clinic independently. Transport, if required, must be organised by the GP. 

 Monday  09:00-16:00 
 Tuesday  09:00-16:00 
 Wednesday  09:00-16:00
 Thursday  09:00-16:00
 Friday  09:00-16:00
 Saturday  No Service
 Sunday  No Service


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