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Pre Operative Assessment Clinic

Pre Operative Assessment Clinic


Contact details

Main telephone number: 01604 523539


Pre-operative COVID-19 testing

If you require testing for COVID-19 before your procedure the testing station is located at the rear of Area K behind the day surgery unit and outpatients departments. Please note this testing site is only for those who are schedule to have a procedure or operation and have been invited by Northampton General Hospital.
For general COVID-19 testing in the county please visit


How to find us

AREA K, opposite the west entrance of the hospital, on the first floor – adjacent to the dermatology clinic. (The old outpatients department). The department is on the first floor of area K – adjacent to the Dermatology Clinic.
The nearest car parking facilities are car park 3 and car park 4. These both have limited parking. There is a drop off area outside the main building.

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Opening times

Monday to Thursday  08.00 – 18.00 and Friday  08.00 – 17.30

Most patients will come directly from their consultant appointment and will be assessed in the pre-op department on that day We call this a one stop clinic.

You are welcome to wear a face covering if you wish when attending the clinic.  We are unable to supply face coverings but have put measures in place to ensure you are able to socially distance from other patients.  Our staff will be wearing surgical masks for protection.



At the preoperative assessment clinic, your fitness for your operation will be assessed.

The nurse will collect information from you regarding your medical history, functional capacity, current medication and allergies and also appropriate social circumstances relevant to your admission and discharge from hospital.

Physiological measurements are taken (BP, heart rate, oxygen saturation levels, BMI) and then appropriate investigations are organised according to national and local guidelines for each patient as an individual. This will include blood tests, ECG and MRSA screening. These tests are performed at the clinic.

You will be provided with verbal and written information regarding your admission to hospital, including management of your medication.

You will also be given instructions to return for repeat blood tests if you are not admitted within eight weeks of your POA visit.


What should I bring to my appointment?

Bring any medication you are currently taking, or a current prescription. Bring your glasses and any hearing aids you normally wear. You can bring a friend or relative to escort you if you wish.


How much time should I allow before my appointment?

Allow plenty of time to park prior to your appointment, as parking in this area is limited. The appointment will take approximately 1- 2 hours.

Most patients are seen in POA immediately after their appointment with their surgeon (the same day).


About the team

Our POA team consists of specialist clinical nurses, health care assistants, administrative support staff and consultants in anaesthesia with an interest in POA.

Senior Clinical Nurse/ Department manager - Jatinder Briah

Clinical Lead - Kalpna Gupta

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