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Chaplaincy and pastoral support

Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care

Contact details

Contact Details:

Revd George Sarmezey, Church of England Chaplain is on site Monday – Thursday and can be contacted on 01604 545773


Revd. Craig Shaw can be contacted on 01604 544608


One of the Chaplains is always on duty and on call over the weekend (Saturday – Sunday)


 16.2 George Sarmezey 07 - M16-000168 - chaplaincyGeorge Sarmezy       COM_2090Craig Shaw

                           Revd. George Sarmezy                                   Revd. Craig Shaw


How to find us

The Chapel of St. Luke is located opposite Cliftonville resturant along Hospital Street (Area E).

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What we do

Our chaplaincy team provides religious, spiritual and pastoral care for all patients, relatives, carers and staff. The chaplains are available for everyone whether or not you have a religious faith.  We provide a 24/7 on-call service for the hospital providing for the spiritual needs of, patients and staff. The role of the hospital chaplaincy is to support everyone in the fragile human life which we all share. We are here to help everyone regardless of their religion, sexuality, belief, and culture.

What we can offer:

  • a listening ear
  • prayer support
  • pastoral support at times of difficulty or crisis
  • help with bereavement
  • support in practicing your faith or spiritual tradition
  • contact with local faith leaders
  • pastoral support
  • religious and spiritual care

If you need a chaplain to see you please speak to a member of staff and ask them to contact them on your behalf, or you can contact us directly.

Roman catholic chaplains

Each week Roman Catholic Lay Visitors visit on the wards on a Tuesday and Friday morning. Referrals can be made to them through the Chaplains. In an emergency a Roman Catholic priest can be contacted on your behalf through the chaplaincy department.


About the hospital chapel

It open 24/7 and everyone is welcome to visit - whether as a patient, visitor, or member of staff. We welcome people of faith, or of no particular faith.

Although primarily a Christian place of worship, it is used by people from many different faith backgrounds and there are sacred texts available for all the major world religions represented in our local community.


Services in the chapel of St. Luke

Thursday 12.30 pm - Holy Communion (Church of England/Free Church).This is a short said Holy Communion Service lasting ½ hour

 Sunday 10am - Holy Communion (Church of England/Free Church) This is a short said Holy Communion Service lasting ½ hour.

Bible in hands


Friday 1.15pm – Muslim Prayers (Juma Salaat) are said on Fridays in the chapel. Prayers mats are available in the chapel and ablution facilities are in the Washroom adjacent to the chapel.


Qu'ran in hands

Requesting a visit

The chaplains and members of the chaplaincy team regularly visit on the wards, if you need to speak with us please let us know by speaking to a member of staff.

Nursing staff frequently pass on requests for a chaplain to visit .If you need to speak to a chaplain urgently please inform the nursing staff and ask that they bleep the on-call Chaplain.

Staff support

Chaplains are available for confidential staff support, informal listening, pastoral debriefing and education. The chaplaincy has a quiet interview room for private discussion.

Interview room

Chaplaincy support and events

The chaplaincy works alongside SANDS (Still Birth and Neonatal Society) in providing two annual child-loss services, at Christmas and in the summer. We also provide an annual Christmas carol service and the dhapel is available for Remembrance and memorial Services.

Chaplaincy volunteer visitors

The chaplaincy department has a small team of volunteer visitors who visit patients on the wards. Our volunteers help supplement the service by visiting patients, and by providing a listening ear and words of encouragement. They carry out visits to hospital patients for a few hours every week, to give support and reassurance, and to refer any follow up visits to the chaplains.

Volunteer visitors need to be aged 18 and over and be able to commit to two to three hours every week. All volunteers are appointed through the voluntary services office and trained and managed by the chaplaincy department before they are allowed to work on the wards.

If you are interested in becoming chaplaincy volunteer visitor and would like further information please contact the chaplaincy department on 01604 545 773.

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