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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Wards and visiting

Updated Friday 14 April 2023:

We are allowing two visitors to visit their loved ones at the bedside for up to two hours per day, during either 2-4pm or 6-8pm.

We will be asking visitors to wear masks in clinical areas and on wards where this can be tolerated. Mask wearing in corridors will no longer be necessary.

In order to maintain patient and public / visitor safety; visiting will be subject to the ward not having any active cases of infections that could be passed on. This local guidance could change at any time at short notice.

This change is as a result of us continually monitoring infection rates in the hospital and locally.

Patients attending outpatient appointments can bring one adult to accompany them, however we would ask patients who are able to attend alone, to please do so. Visitors and staff must continue with mask wearing and infection control guidance.

The hospitals’ infection prevention and control guidance to the public includes:

  • Anyone showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or feeling otherwise unwell must not visit.
  • Do not visit if a member of your household has tested positive for COVID-19 or flu
  • Visitors, parents, guardians, siblings will be asked to wear a surgical facemask to visit our wards – including the Emergency Department
  • Symptom /wellness checks will be completed on arrival in our wards
  • Please continue to wash your hands regularly before, during, and after, attending hospital and follow staff instructions relevant to the area being attended.

Masks will be available for those who need them, but we would please ask people to bring their own where possible.

Visiting on adult wards:

  • Will be restricting visiting to two visitors for two hours per day, during either 2-4pm or 6-8pm.

Visiting to Critical Care and Talbot Butler:

  • Visiting may still need to be pre-booked with the ward and will be at the ward managers discretion.
  • Visitors may be asked to complete a lateral flow test before coming onto the ward. This will be supplied by the hospital.

Visiting on paediatric wards:

  • One resident parent may stay with their child for the duration of their stay. This visitor will be offered lateral flow testing on day 1, 3 and 5 of the stay which will be provided by the ward. Parents or guardians may swap once during the child's stay.

  • A consistent second parent or guardian may also visit for 2 hours per day subject to admission screen. This visitor will be asked to complete a symptom checker prior to visiting. This will be provided by the ward.

  • A second parent or guardian may also visit for 2 hours per day. This visitor may be asked to complete a lateral flow test prior to visiting. This will be provided by the ward.  Sibling visiting will continue to be reviewed regularly.


Visiting on our neonatal ward:

  • Two parents or guardians are able to visit any time on the neonatal ward.
  • The parents or guardians will be asked to complete lateral flow testing twice weekly. These will be provided by the ward.
  • Grandparents and siblings over 12 may visit during a pre-booked time slot following a negative lateral flow test.


Visiting on maternity wards:

  • Women and birthing people may be asked to complete a test on arrival.
  • Birth partners are able to visit the post-natal wards. Please contact the ward on the day for times and visiting guidance.


Visiting to antenatal appointments and ultrasound scans:

  • Visitors will no longer need to show a negative lateral flow test.
  • One birth partner will be able to visit during appointments.
  • Visitors must social distance


Outpatient visiting:

  • Where possible patients should not bring a visitor with them to an outpatient appointment.
  • Visiting will be permitted for those who need additional support from a visitor during their visit.
  • Visitors may be asked to wait in another area depending on social distancing.

Emergency Department visiting:

  • Where possible patients should not bring a visitor with them to the Emergency Department.
  • Visiting will be permitted for those who need additional support from a visitor during their visit.
  • Visitors will be required to wear a mask and may be asked to wait outside or in another area depending on social distancing. If the department is busy we may not be able to facilitate visiting.


Supporting our patients and their loved ones: When patients come into hospital or change between wards and departments, our team will make sure they consider reasonable adjustments for those patients who have additional needs such as dementia, learning disabilities or autism. 

  • We have visiting restrictions in place, however wards and departments should always be reviewing patients and supporting any of those with additional needs ensuring reasonable adjustments are in place as required. Wards and departments have the flexibility to support patients and their carers as defined in the visiting policy and carers policy.

  • These adjustments should be reviewed on an individual basis based on the needs of the patient at the time. If you have any concerns please speak to the ward or department manager.

If visitors have lateral flow tests available, we would always advise people to complete testing for their own safety and the safety of others.

The guidance may change at any time depending on our local COVID-19 situation and hospital response.


Patient WhatsApp Video Calls:

We are offering video calls between patients and loved ones. Our patient video call service enables loved ones to stay in contact. This volunteer managed service is available Monday to Friday 09.30am-4.00pm.

To book please call 01604 544136.

If the call goes to voicemail please leave a message with your name, telephone number and the date and time you would like the call to take place. You will be contacted as soon as possible to confirm this and arrange your call.

We are offering a service where loved ones can drop off essential items to a dedicated area, these are then delivered to the patient.

This volunteer led service is available Monday to Friday 9.30am-4.00pm (excluding bank holidays) at the South Entrance information desk. 

To use this service please take note of the following process:

  • When preparing belongings please ensure you only pack essential items. These include toiletries, a mobile phone, phone charger or clothing items. You are welcome to include a letter to your loved one in the bag.
  • Please do not pack any valuables. It will not be possible for staff on the ward to complete a property checklist and any belongings brought in will not be the responsibility of the hospital.
  • Ensure items are packed in a plastic bag which is closed/sealed.
  • Clearly label the bag with the patient name and the ward they are on.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, only one relative or friend should come onto the site to bring the bag.
  • On arrival please go to the volunteers desk inside the South Entrance.
  • Only one person should enter the hospital to drop the property off, and they must wear a mask.
  • Items will be taken to your loved one within an hour of them being dropped off. Unfortunately we will not be able to tell you when they have received the bag.

If you have any questions on the service please contact the volunteers service on 01604 544136.

Loved ones can sent a letter and/or photos to their relative who is in hospital. You can send letters via email or text or call 07514978390. Please include your relatives full name and which ward they are on with their message.

The local community are welcome to send in letters to be given to patients in the hospital who may not be receiving contact from family & friends at this time. These letters should be addressed to to my friend, and be sent or posted to the patient experience team at:

FAO: Patient Experience Team,

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust,


Northampton, NN1 5BD

Letters will be collated and distributed to patients in the wards throughout the hospital.