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Our COVID restrictions

Emergency Care: Don’t put it off

Please don’t put off seeking help in an emergency.

We understand that many people are worried about coming to NGH because of COVID.


We have established separate streams of care for patients who come to our emergency department so we can keep you safe.


Please seek help if you need it or call NHS 111.


Read more about COVID here.



Important information to keep you safe from COVID when attending the hospital for your appointment

This guidance is provided for your safety and the safety of our patients, visitors and staff at Northampton General Hospital. We would ask you to please follow this guidance to protect and respect.

  • Wear a mask in clinical areas
  • Wash or gel your hands regularly
  • Reschedule your appointment if you have any symptoms of COVID

By following these five simple steps you can stop the spread of COVID and save lives.


Important information: Mask Wearing Update 12.7.2022

Face coverings: our mask wearing guidance has changed as of Tuesday 12 July 2022.

Due to a very significant spike in Covid-19 cases and the current variants being very infectious. We are asking all patients, visitors and colleagues to wear masks in all areas of the hospital.

If you test positive for COVID or have any symptoms of COVID, please do not attend the hospital unless you need urgent medical care. Anyone visiting the site should remember to wash or gel their hands frequently, especially when entering or exiting a clinical area.

We will continue to review this guidance. Visiting restrictions will not change in light of this new guidance, however some restrictions are still in place in certain departments.

 Thank you for your continued support and please note updates will be made as and when needed in line with the latest guidance.


Appointments via telephone or video call

We will continue to provide as many services as possible either virtually (through video and telephone contact), or off site.

If you are suitable for a virtual appointment you will be contacted to arrange a virtual option.

Our overriding priority will be to minimise the risk of cross infection in whatever we do, from people who have COVID to those who do not. To do this we must continue with many of the arrangements that are already in place in response to COVID, gradually increasing the number of patients we treat whilst keeping the number of patients and visitors to NGH to a minimum.

  • We are developing COVID and non-COVID care pathways within the hospital, including designated wards for patients with coronavirus.
  • We will continue to maintain our ‘surge’ capacity so that we are best placed to deal with any future increase in COVID admissions.
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