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The Friends and Family Test

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The Friends and Family Test (FFT) is a national survey that allows you to rate our services by answering one question;

Overall, how was your experience of our service?”

You can rank your answer from Very good to Very poor and you can also make a comment to explain your ranking and tell us more about your experience. You can take this opportunity to let us know where we need to make improvements. 

How can you complete the FFT?

Within the hospital we have developed lots of ways that you can leave your anonymous Friends & Family Test (FFT) feedback. It is really important to us that everyone has the opportunity to complete it. Here are the ways you can access it;

SMS Text Message

You may receive an SMS Text Message to your mobile phone from our survey provider, Healthcare Communications, once you have left the hospital. If you choose to respond back to the message and give us your feedback, your response is free of charge. Please note that your service provider may advise you that there will be a charge to respond, this is a generic message, there is no charge for this.

If you do not want to receive any further survey messages, simply respond with the word ‘Stop’.

Interactive Voice Message (IVM)

We may send you an Interactive Voice Message (IVM) to your land-line number. This will ask you to give your feedback by pressing the numbers on your phone. You will also have the opportunity to leave a 2 minute voice message.  If you do not wish to complete the survey, please hang up the phone.

If you do not wish to receive an SMS or IVM, please contact the Patient Experience Team on 01604 523438 or 01604 544054.


There are a number of online surveys which you can complete:

Did you stay in an adult ward?

Has your child been into the hospital?

Have you been receiving maternity care in the community, or have you recently given birth?

Have you visited our Emergency Department? (This includes A&E, Eye Casualty, Ambulatory Care & Springfield)

Have you had to visit radiology for a scan/xray?


Throughout the hospital, including at all main entrances, we have a number of postcards which you can complete if you wish to write your feedback down. There are over 70 postboxes within the hospital where you can post your card, all labelled with the Friends & Family Test. Please ensure you write on the card the area that your feedback is about.

Please note: during the Covid-19 pandemic postcards will not be available

Electronic Tablet

Within our inpatient wards and radiology department there is an Electronic Tablet where you can leave your feedback for the ward or department. If you wish to complete the survey in this way, please ask a member of staff.


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