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Oncology Consultants

Oncology Consultants


Prof Agarwal (Secretary: Julia Springley)

  • Consultant Oncologist; Lower gastrointestinal & Gynaecological cancers. Cancers of Unknown Primary (CUP).
  • Clinical Lead for Gastrointestinal, Gynaecological cancers and Cancers of Unknown Primary (CUP).
  • Visiting Professor of Cancer studies.
  • Trust Lead for Oncology research.


Dr Aleksic (Secretary: Alison Thompson &Serena Banks)

  • Consultant Oncologist; Breast, Lung & Thoracic cancers.


Dr Branagan (Secretary: Sue Wilsdon)         

  • Consultant Oncologist; Lower gastrointestinal and Urological cancers.   
  • Also provides Radium-223 service for metastatic prostate cancer patients across the county.
  • Trust Radiotherapy Lead.


Dr Gabitass (Secretary: Stephanie Saunders)

  • Consultant Clinical Oncologist; Oesophago-gastric and Rectal cancers.


Dr Garofide (Secretary: Claire Kirby)

  • Consultant Oncologist, Breast & Lung cancers. Cancers of Unknown Primary (CUP).
  • Trust Systemic Anticancer Therapy Lead.
  • Clinical Lead for Breast cancer.


Dr Gupta (Secretary: Serena Banks & Alison Thompson)

  • Consultant Oncologist; Urological and Lower gastrointestinal cancers.
  • Clinical lead for Prostate Brachytherapy.
  • Interest in Radiotherapy research.
  • Trust Lead for education and Clinical audit.


Dr Knighton (Secretary: Alison Thompson &Serena Banks)

  • Consultant Oncologist; Brain, Neuro, Breast, Thyroid, Lung, Thoracic and Skin cancers.
  • Clinical Lead for Neuro-Oncology.
  • Trust Lead for Acute Oncology Service (AOS).
  • Consultant for Acute Oncology Service (AOS).

Dr Mak (Secretary: Michelle Greenwood)

  • Consultant Oncologist; Gynaecological and Thoracic cancers.
  • Also provides Gynaecological Brachytherapy.


Dr Reza (Secretary: Michelle Greenwood)

  • Consultant Oncologist; Breast, Lung, Upper gastrointestinal & Hepatobiliary cancers.


Dr Singh (Secretary: Stephanie Saunders)

  • Consultant Oncologist; Breast and Head & Neck cancers.


Dr Uccello (Secretary: Sue Wilsdon)          

  • Consultant Oncologist; Urological Cancers, Germ Cell Tumours and Sarcomas.  
  • Consultant for Acute Oncology Service (AOS).

Dr Vaidya (Secretary: Claire Kirby)

  • Consultant Oncologist; Skin, Anal, Head and Neck cancers.
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