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Northampton consultant launches free hypnosis support for medical related anxiety

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Dr. Slater's self-help hypnosis programme is now available for free download on SoundCloud.

A digital self-help hypnosis programme has been made available by Northampton General Hospital for free download to help patients with anxiety before coming to hospital for medical procedures.

 The programme, which is an audio hypnosis series, has been created by consultant anaesthetist Paul Slater to support patients in managing anxiety before or during hospital procedures.

 Dr Slater said:  “A recent survey in our hospital indicated that severe pre-operative anxiety affects around a quarter of patients prior to surgery and this figure is likely to be higher in certain patient groups. 

“Hypnosis has been proven to be effective in the management of anxiety and is extremely safe and generally well received by patients. 

“The self-help programme focuses on helping patients relax and suggests how they can create a more positive mind set regarding their hospital procedure and how to remain relaxed while it is carried out.”

 Patients who use the programme are more likely to see improvements in their background level of anxiety and be better able to control their anxiety immediately before and during their hospital procedure. Previous studies have shown that patients who use hypnosis may also experience reduced post-operative pain, have reduced need for sedation using drugs, have better blood pressure control and leave hospital sooner following their procedure.

 Dr Slater added: “This programme could help any patient who is attending hospital for an operation, investigation, procedure or test of any kind.  It is likely to help any patient who wishes to use it but be of most benefit for those patients with heightened anxiety.”

 The programme is available through the SoundCloud platform which can be digitally downloaded for free or streamed online at


Have you used the hypnosis programme? If so, we would value your feedback.

Posted on Tuesday 20th March 2018
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