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New technology introduced at NGH will benefit local men

image3 Mr Nemade

Mr Hemant Bhanudas Nemade, consultant urologist at Northampton General Hospital

A revolutionary new treatment recently introduced at NGH will relieve symptoms and pain for patients with an enlarged prostate without the need for major surgery or a lengthy hospital stay.

The pioneering Urolift treatment allows surgeons to reposition and move tissue using implants, rather than removing tissue. This means patients can often return home to begin their much shorter recovery process.

Mr Hemant Bhanudas Nemade, consultant urologist NGH, described how the procedure is already helping patients: “The Urolift not only provides quick relief from symptoms it also has the benefit reducing the risk of complications, catheterisation and sexual dysfunction that can be experienced following traditional surgical methods.”

One of the first patients to undergo the procedure at NGH told us about his experience:  “From my very first appointment I was treated very well and looked after superbly by all of the staff involved in my care. The operation itself also went very well, with only mild side effects which have now gone completely. My condition and original symptoms have greatly improved and I am very pleased with the outcome.”

Mr Nemade went on to explain further benefits of the new treatment for patients:  ‘The procedure takes around 25 minutes, significantly less than the traditional surgical procedure lasting over an hour.  And only 3 in 75 procedures require a subsequent consultant appointment.  I am confident the Urolift will make a real difference for our patients and would encourage more men to seek advice from their GP about an enlarged prostate or any similar symptoms. Using this technology means we can now offer patients rapid, significant and durable relief with a noticeable improvement in their quality of life.”

If a prostate becomes enlarged it can put pressure onto the bladder and urethra which can affect urination. This includes difficulty when starting to urinate, a frequent need to go to the toilet and difficulty fully emptying the bladder. This common and usually non serious condition affects around one in three men over the age of 50 and is symptomatic of 80% of men over 70.

The UK Government has also welcomed the introduction of this treatment and recognised it as one of six new revolutionary technologies in healthcare to improve the UK’s health system. For more information about Urolift please click here.

Posted on Monday 16th April 2018
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