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Preparing to leave

Watch our short animation for tips and advice about how to make getting home from hospital go as smoothly as possible:


We also have an information leaflet to prepare you for leaving the hospital.

Your doctor can estimate your discharge date and the team will be working towards this. If you need to be cared for after your time in hospital, our discharge team will help you arrange it. If you are worried about how you will manage when you leave hospital, please tell the nurse in charge of your ward.                

Your hospital doctor will write to your home doctor to tell them what treatment you have had. Please tell your ward sister or the nurse in charge of your care if you don’t want your GP to know that you have been in hospital.                

You should ask a relative to bring you some outdoor clothing the evening before you leave.                

On the day you leave                

  • Don’t forget to arrange for someone to collect you.  If you can't make arrangements please let us know as soon as possible.                    
  • You should be ready to leave the ward by 10.00am                  
  • If you have to wait for transport you will be taken to our discharge suite                  
  • We will make sure you have all the medicine you need before you leave hospital and if you need follow-up medicine, we will tell you to visit your GP. We will give you a letter to explain what your treatment needs are.                  
  • In exceptional circumstances key staff can arrange an ambulance. This will only be if you have specific medical needs and live far enough away from the hospital. We will allow one person to travel with you if:                     
    • you are under 16                      
    • you have particular clinical needs, or                      
    • you have a registered carer.                      
  • You must also remember they will only take one bag       

Things to do before you leave                

  • Give the nurse in charge your address                  
  • Collect your hospital discharge letter for your GP                  
  • Make sure you have the medicine you need                  
  • Ask the nurse in charge of your ward for any medical certificates you need                  
  • Ensure you know of any follow up arrangements regarding your treatment                  

Options - a guide to your discharge from NGH                

Read our guide booklet with all you need to know about leaving hospital

Options Autumn 2016

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