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Pain Management Unit

Contact us

Telephone: 01604 545065

 The pain management clinic is currently run by 5 consultants supported by Trust Physiotherapy Department and Community psychological services.

The unit is a vital part of the directorate and deals with approx 5500 patient episodes per year. This unit was started by Dr AT Chmielewski, 20 years ago.

The Pain Clinic treats patients with persistent pain & provides solutions for patients who have complex problems with intractable pain. This is pain that continues despite investigation and intervention. Chronic pain is usually defined as pain which has lasted for three months or longer, beyond the expected period of recovery.


Our team

The unit has 5 Medical Consultants, supported by a Specialist Senior Sister, specialist nursing staff, HCAs, Secretarial and Admin staff.



  • Dr P Bheemappa, FRCA
  • Dr K Carter, MBBS BSc (Hons) FRCA DCH FFPMRCA Lead Clinician
  • Dr M.Murali-Krishnan, FFARCSI
  • Dr S Ramani, FRCA
  • Dr B Reddy, FRCA, FFARCSI


Senior Sister

  • Sister S Smith


About the unit

We have a self-contained day unit with 6 beds, an operating theatre with its own image intensifier, radiofrequency machine and clinic spaces. “Nessie” is the state of the art database system holding approximately 16000 patient details allowing ready access to patients past details to help with managing their current problems.

Patients with pain of more than 3 month’s duration can seek referral to this unit after triaging by either their own GP or hospital Consultants when appropriate. Patients are initially assessed to explore the most appropriate direction of treatment, which is discussed with them. This may take the form of individual work with one or more members of the Team, to help patients not only understand but also manage their pain and lead their lives as effectively as possible.

Patients are initially assessed, so that a management plan can be organised and appropriate treatment and support offered. Although the team may not be able to cure your pain, they will be able to offer advice and help with different aspects of your pain and may give you some treatment that could help you to manage your pain more effectively.

There are several treatments and interventions that may help, which include medication advice and injections, or onward referral to our physiotherapy colleagues, Back Pain management programmes or community based well-being support services.



Comprehensive Pain Evaluation

  • Detailed, pain-oriented history and physical examination (when face to face)
  • Discussion of potential differential diagnosis and treatment plan


Pain Medication Management

  • single and combination medication trials


Precision, Fluoroscopic Guided Injections for Diagnosis and Therapy

  • Medial Branch blocks to Facet Joints with onward Facet Joint Denervation if appropriate
  • Nerve Root Blocks and Pulsed Radiofrequency
  • Peripheral nerve injections and Pulsed Radiofrequency
  • Nerve plexus blockade
  • Sympathetic blockade


Outcomes Measurement

  • We currently review the outcomes of all procedures using a Paper based Multidimensional Outcome form, given to patients after each procedure.
  • You must return it to the clinic (usually at 3 months, but the time various for some procedures, and this will be on the form and explained to you after your procedure by the nursing team).  The form will then be reviewed by your team, who will then contact you with further action as indicated.  If you have not heard back from the Pain Clinic within 6-8 weeks of returning your form, then please contact the pain clinic to ensure we have received your form.
  • We are currently looking into moving to an electronic system but this is in progress.


Your appointment

Currently we are doing all initial consultations as Telephone or video consultations due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  This will be reviewed as the situation with the pandemic changes.  These are 30 minute consultations. 

It is helpful if we can have the questionnaire returned to us before this appointment.

A list of all your current medication and doses is also important.  It would be useful for you to have thought about how each of these medications impacts your pain – pain reduction level with each medication and side effects.

It is important that you keep your appointment or let us know if you cannot or do not want to keep the appointment, so we can reallocate the slot to another patient and avoid the slot being wasted.  Please ensure you are in a suitable place to take the appointment and have a relative/friend with you if you think this is helpful for you.

We aim to offer pain relief where possible, and to help you improve your quality of life even if medical treatment has been of little benefit in the past. We will try to explain why you have pain that has lasted for longer than expected.



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