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MDT (Multi-disciplinary Team Meeting)


An MDT (or multi-disciplinary team meeting) is a weekly or monthly meeting that takes place between health care professionals, to discuss individual patient cases. Every patient with a new diagnosis of cancer is discussed and their scans and biopsies are reviewed by the team. Using the combined expertise of each team member, and taking into account the specific needs of each patient, the MDT will recommend a treatment plan. This is documented and discussed with the patient via a telephone call or follow up appointment.

See more about the roles of each MDT member in the table below


MDT Lead

The MDT lead is an appointed member of the MDT. It is his or her responsibility to lead the meetings and discuss any issues which may affect the target date for treatment.



An MDT Coordinator is responsible for making sure patient cases are discussed at the meeting. They create the agendas, take the minutes and document the treatment plans on to the cancer database.


A CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist) acts as the patient voice in the MDT, they will feed back information to patients which enables them to make informed decisions regarding their ongoing care and treatment.


The clinician (Doctor or Surgeon) in charge of your treatment will present your case at the MDT. They will discuss your individual needs and medical history with the group to determine the best treatment plan for you.


An Oncologist will review each case and assess whether a patient would benefit from chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.


A Radiologist presents and interprets imaging such as MRIs, CTs and PET scans. They can tell the team crucial information such as the size and precise location of the cancer.


A Histopathologist examines biopsies and surgical specimens in order to give a definitive diagnosis of cancer and identify its type.


A Dietitian  assesses patients’ nutrition pre and post treatment. They provide dietary advice and care.


A Radiographer works with the Oncologist and helps to deliver radiotherapy treatment.

Speech & Language


For certain cancers or treatments, a Speech and Language Therapist will  diagnose, treat and help to  prevent  any disorders relating  to swallowing,  speech, or voice.

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