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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Cafe Royale

Finding your way around Northampton General doesn't have to be challenging.

Use our tool to find where you need to go:

Café Royale is located in area D.

From the South entrance, turn left onto the Hospital Street corridor and take the stairs on the left (behind a glass partition wall). Alternatively, take the lift (elevator) opposite the information desk to Level . Once upstairs, Café Royale will be straight ahead.

From the Billing Road entrance, proceed along the corridor until you reach a T-junction. Turn left and follow the corridor, bearing right when you pass the PALS office and continuing past the Oncology Centre, until you come to the Hospital Street junction. Turn left. Carry on along Hospital Street, passing the chapel and the restaurant. Take the stairs on the right (behind the glass partition wall). Alternatively, continue to the lifts (elevators) opposite the information desk. Take the lift to Level 1. Once upstairs, Café Royale is straight ahead.  

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