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Radiotherapy Staff

We have a variety of healthcare professionals who work alongside one another to provide the care our patients require.


Therapeutic radiographers

Our patients will most frequently see our team of therapeutic radiographers, who are the professionals that deliver the treatment. A therapeutic radiographer is an allied health professional who has undergone specific training to be able to deliver radiotherapy treatment. All therapeutic radiographers are registered with the Health Professions Council (HCPC).

We also have student radiographers training in our department; they are always supervised by a qualified member of staff.

Several of our therapeutic radiographers have undergone further study in order to become Advanced Practitioners. They have a range of skills and may be able to write you prescriptions take your blood or consent you for your treatment amongst other things.


Radiotherapy Assistants

Our radiotherapy assistants play a large role in the smooth running of our department. You might see them on our reception desk or they may be involved in your blood tests. They also play a critical role in the inputting of data into our computer systems – ensuring that your treatment is scheduled correctly.



We have a dedicated team of radiotherapy dosimetrists who plan patients' treatment.  Each patient has a tailor made plan. Under guidance from the doctor and using powerful computers, the dosimetrists place fields and modify them to get the optimal treatment.  The doctor will then review this to ensure they are happy with the treatment plan.



Linacs are highly complex machines and are tested regularly to ensure they are working as expected. Our radiotherapy technicians are highly skilled and are able to maintain the machines to try and avoid breakdowns, but are also able to fix some elements in the event of a breakdown.



Our physicists provide advice to doctors on complex cases and are involved in their planning.  They also provide technical support to the technicians.  Physicists commission new equipment and new treatment techniques.


Oncology Doctors

Your radiotherapy consultant is backed up by both specialist registrars and staff grade doctors.  You can view our Doctor’s details including their specialisms.

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