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Leadership and Development (Medical)

As a clinically-led organisation, we aim to support professional development and leadership across our workforce.
As an NGH junior doctor, you'll have access to a range of development support and opportunities.

Medical education

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We have a dedicated medical education team to support your professional journey whether you're in your first post-graduate role or a senior doctor.
This includes access to our on-site simulation training hub, and point-of-care simulation training led by our innovative resus team.
As well as developing your clinical skills in a multi-disciplinary team, scenario-based simulation incorporates human factors training, helping you to strengthen your resilience and understand how you respond to different situations.
We deliver a huge range of training programmes, both in-house training courses and on behalf of Health Education East Midlands.

Many of our simulation training courses, such as our pre-hospital emergency medicine course, are the only one of their kind in the UK.


Cripps Postgraduate Medical Centre (Cripps PGMC)

The Postgraduate Medical Centre oversees the training and appraisal of doctors in training and is an outstanding facility for education, training and professional development.

The centre delivers a programme of continuing medical education relevant to medical staff including multidisciplinary meetings, teaching sessions, conferences and guest speakers.


Aspiring to Excellence

This is our vehicle for doctors in training to help us achieve our aim of harm-free care for every patient and the championing of a culture of openness and honesty.

Working with senior colleagues and our safety champions, our FY1s are required to present a deliverable quality improvement proposal to improve patient safety.

You can read more about quality improvement and patient safety here 

The Francis Crick Programme

Our in-house leadership and management development programme designed to equip our leaders and managers with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to provide effective leadership.


Mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool. It's an effective way of helping people to progress in their careers or address challenges.

We run in-house training courses in mentoring. This means as an NGH doctor, you'll have opportunities to develop a mentor relationship to support you on your professional journey as well as support and training to become a mentor yourself when you feel ready.

Training courses are run in conjunction with Health Education East Midlands.

East Midlands Leadership Academy

We encourage our employees to access East Midlands Leadership Academy courses, workshops and masterclasses 

We also support employees to take up coaching programmes offered by the East Midlands Leadership Academy. These short-term programmes provide opportunities to develop your performance through guided conversation and questioning.


We use performance appraisals to review our employees' performance. The appraisal process also helps us to create a plan for employee development through additional training and increased responsibilities. Your appraisal can help you to identify where you want to be and how we can support you to get there.
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