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Work for Critical Care

In critical care we work as a multi-disciplinary team, with staff contributing care from a variety of different jobs and skill levels.

Our team is made up of: medical staff (made up of anaesthetists and physicians, ranging from senior house officer to consultant), modern matron, nurses, ODAs/ODPs, HCAs, pharmacists, dieticians, physiotherapists, data coordinator, ward clerks, and domestics.

We would love for your to join our team and see how you can grow your career with a role in critical care.

For our current roles please click here to visit our work for us page.


Meet the team

You or your loved one will have a consultant who will work with the team to provide care and treatment for you or your relative. The consultant looking after you or your relative will visit during the day to check on the progress of you and your relative, and put plans in place with the team for your care.

The nursing team is led by matrons Lisa Swan and Lesley Smith. They are supported by a team of nurses and healthcare assistants who will look after you or your relative. The nursing team is split into teams each specialising in a particular specialism of critical care.Team leaders:

  • Neuro-spinal team: Leeanne Hardy
  • Respiratory team: Lauren Garrett
  • Central vascular system team: Cath Griffiths
  • Infection prevention team: Jayne Orton
  • Renal team: Nicola Cann
  • Rehabilitation team: Alison O’Grady

Laura Moven is our practice educator at Northampton General Hospital assisted by Julie Goodwin. They helps our new team members and supports them during their 6 week supernumerary period. They also put together training packages for our team on the unit and ensure staff are constantly learning and developing their skills.

Our critical care outreach team work across the hospital to assess critically ill patients. The team assess patients and support the teams caring for them with how best to manage their condition and plan for future treatment. This helps patients sometimes avoid needing critical care treatment on our critical care. Consultant intensivist and critical care outreach team medical lead: Dr Jonathan Hardwick Critical care outreach team lead nurses: Sister Tina Taylor

Operating department practitioners (ODP) are experts in using and looking after all of the equipment we use, and will often assist with procedures and safe transfer of patients. The ODPs wear grey scrubs. Sarah Masterson leads a team of operating department practitioners.

Clare Hinchley is the ward manager and Jenny Wainwright is the Deputy Ward Manager.

Physiotherapists plan the patient’s rehabilitation and assist with moving, standing and walking where appropriate, or passive movements to prevent muscle wastage. Physios will also help keep your loved ones chest clear.

Our domestic team are responsible for keeping everywhere clean and tidy. Our clerical staff will become familiar faces and will always be happy to help. The clerks wear green and white striped uniforms.

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