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Balance function assessment

If you have been prescribed medication to help control vertigo we ask that you do not take this in the 48 hours prior to having a balance function test.

Most patients that attend for balance function testing are referred from either the Ear, Nose and Throat department or the Neurology department.

There are a range of tests we perform and they may include placing electrodes on your forehead/ the sides of your eyes or behind your ears. In some cases an electrode may be placed in your ear canal.

It is advisable not to wear make-up on the day of your assessment and we will prepare the skin where the electrodes are placed using cotton wool and an exfoliating gel.

During your assessment you may feel symptoms of vertigo but these are not necessarily the same as your usual symptoms.

If possible it is better for you to not drive on the same day as your assessment but most patients return to normal within half an hour.

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