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Hearing aid Fitting

What to expect in a hearing aid fitting 

During the first fitting of your hearing aid you may experience the following:

  • The Audiologist may look into your ears
  • Fitting of an ear mould or small plastic tube with a dome depending on your hearing loss.
  • You may have a small plastic tube (open fit) placed into your ear canal along with your hearing aid whilst a sound is played through a speaker. This is to help set up your hearing aids specifically for you.
  • Explaining how the hearing aids works and how to look after it.
  • Discussion of how the hearing aid sounds and tweaking of the hearing aid as necessary.
  • Mentioning if you lose your hearing aid there is a £75 cost for an replacement depending on the circumstances.

In your appointment you will receive:

  • Instructions on how to use and maintain your hearing aid
  • Batteries
  • A brown NHS battery book with information on how to access batteries and repairs service
  • Cleaning wires in back of brown book if needed
  • A case to keep your hearing aids in.
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