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Hearing assessment

Please bring with you any hearing aids you have and your NHS brown hearing aid book if you are a current hearing aid user.

What to expect in a hearing assessment 

An audiologist will take you to a testing room and depending on the circumstances will perform some of the following:

  • A brief medical history if relevant.
  • A questionnaire or discussion regarding your day to day activities and difficulties you may be experiencing.
  • A visual examination of your ears using a otoscope.
  • A hearing test which involves responding to different pitches of sound to establish the quiestiest sounds you can hear.
  • Discussion of the results and explaining the hearing test.
  • Discussion of treatment plan which could include hearing aids. This might also include going through listening tactics including looking at someones face when they are talking, sitting with your back facing the background noise and ensuring getting someones attention first before talking to them.
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