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Gynaecological Cancer Services

Contact details

Telephone: 01604 544307


About the Service

Northampton General Hospital is a gynaecology oncology centre, providing gynaecological cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to women of Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes. Referrals are made from the local hospitals Kettering General and Milton Keynes General.


The gynaecological oncology team consists of:

  • Gynaecological oncology surgeons, , Mr Alexander-Sefre, Mrs Beena Abdul and Mr Perviz Khan.
  • Nurses, Claire Campbell, Anita York and Lesley Green Macmillan gynaecological oncology clinical nurse specialist and, Siji George Macmillan gynaecological oncology nurses.


The Gynaecology Cancer Nurse Specialist Team are available to support women and their families when a gynaecological cancer is suspected or diagnosed.  We are then available to provide emotional and psychological support through all stages of treatment (surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and follow-up if required).  We also provide written information to help explain the treatment you are receiving.

A number of different people are involved in these treatments, Claire Anita and Lesley act as the link between all these people and can also put you in contact with other sources of help and support.

Specific websites for gynaecological cancer: - a UK wide support network for anyone affected by ovarian cancer. - a charity dedicated to fighting Cervical Cancer.  Jo's Trust provides information, expert medical advice, counselling and support. - Vulva Awareness Campaign Organisation, set up by a women affected by vulval cancer.

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