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Gynae Endoscopy / Colposcopy

Gynae Endoscopy/ Colposcopy


Contact details

Telephone: 01604 545274

Clinics run from Monday – Thursday 08.30 – 17.30 and Friday 08.30 – 13.30

How to find us

The department is situated in Area S. The nearest car park is number 4, there are drop-off facilities outside of the clinic. The nearest entrance is at Cheyne Walk. If you enter at the entrance for Gynaecology, you will arrive at the reception area for the clinic.

If you are coming in from the Billing Road entrance, walk to the end of the corridor and turn right. Continue down the corridor towards Area S until you reach the end. Go through the double doors on your left, where you will see the reception for the clinic.

If you are coming from the main entrance, turn left when you reach Hospital Street, which is the main corridor. Continue left until you reach the end and turn right down the corridor towards Area S. Continue down this corridor until you reach the end and turn left. Follow this corridor towards Area S until you reach the end. Go through the double doors on your left, where you will see the reception for the clinic.

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The specialty gynaecology clinics include:

  • Colposcopy clinics

  • Hysteroscopy and polypectomy clinics

  • Minor procedures clinic

  • Mirena clinic

  • Novasure clinic

  • One-stop gynae-oncology clinics

  • Postmenopausal bleeding clinic

  • Vulval dermatoses clinic

The department has:

  • Ultrasound scanning, state of the art hysteroscopy and colposcopy equipment . There is video link which allows the women opportunity to watch the procedure.

  • Two clinical procedure rooms with individual changing room area to allow privacy.

  • A post-­procedure recovery area which has two beds.

  • Separate meeting room for patient and relatives

  • A large reception area with seating area and toilet facilities for women, men and disabled persons.

What should I bring to my appointment?

A list of current medications and any relevant information pertaining to the patient’s health, such as allergies. Please inform the team if you are on special medication (such as Warfarin and Clopidogrel) or have serious medical conditions, even if they are under control.

We advise you to bring somebody who can provide you support for the clinical procedure that you are referred for. You should have received an information leaflet describing the procedure. Some women feel rather tired after the procedure and are unable to drive home. Please consider bringing somebody who can support you and take you home after your clinic appointment.

How much time should I allow before my appointment?

In order for the clinics to run smoothly, we encourage women to attend the clinic at their set appointment time. Although there are car parking facilities, this may be scarce so we encourage you to allow yourself 30 mins ahead of your appointment schedule to find a parking space and walk to the appointment.

If you are running late due to unforeseeable circumstances, please contact the department. We will advise if we can still fit you in the clinic. We will make every effort to do so or reschedule your appointment, where it is not possible.

Sometimes you may be referred to the pre-operative assessment clinic after your appointment with us. We encourage where you can to attend form this clinic. This will add another hour to hour and half of your appointment. Please take this into consideration when planning your visit to the department, ensuring that your parking time is adequate.

About the team

This is a specialist one-stop gynaecology clinic service, which is led by consultants and nurse specialists in colposcopy and hysteroscopy. It offers training opportunities for specialist registrars and nurse specialists, and refresher cervical cytology sessions for primary care nurses.

The department is managed by Sister C Henson.

The department has six gynaecology consultants, one nurse consultant and two nurse specialists. All our colposcopists have up to date BSCCP/RCOG accreditation, which is renewed every three years. Our hysteroscopists fulfill the annual BSGE requirements.

A nurse and/or health care assistant support each clinic.

The department has its own administrative support team.

There is also a helpline to address any questions that women may have about their upcoming visits or any complications following their visits.

The team consists of: -

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