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Urogynae Clinic

Urogynae Clinic


Contact details

Telephone:01604 545267

E-mail address for general enquiries: denise.hunt@ngh.nhs.uk

Open Monday to Friday

How to find us

Urogynae is located in Area S on Spencer Ward. The nearest car park is No 4. Entrance is via the gynaecology reception.


We offer a confidential service to women experiencing urinary and bowel incontinence, vaginal prolapse, difficulties passing urine and other related conditions.

It is a nurse led service offering assessment, urodynamic testing, to investigate bladder function and dysfunction and onward referral to a consultant where appropriate.

The nurses are trained to manage certain conditions requiring medication, pelvic floor exercises and other medical treatments such as bladder instillations and self-catheterisation.

We have a dedicated urodynamic room where diagnostic tests are carried out and offer bladder scanning to monitor bladder function. We liase closely with the gynaecology ward to ensure that patients with bladder complications following surgery are closely monitored and followed up appropriately. We also have good links with the local GP services.

What should I bring to my appointment?

You will be sent a questionnaire to complete which helps us to see how your bladder or vaginal symptoms are affecting your life. We will include a urinary diary, which enables us to look at how your bladder functions on a day to day basis. This helps us with the assessment and management of your symptoms.

How much time should I allow before my appointment?

You may need to allow time for parking/walking from the car park, although No 4 is nearby there is no guarantee there will be spaces so you may have to use an alternate car park. Every effort is made to ensure we keep to time. We allow an hour per appointment because we offer a thorough assessment and” one stop” appointment where possible.

How do I get to the department?

If entering the hospital from Billing Road follow the corridor straight down, turn right at the T junction, we are on the left at the end of the corridor. Alternatively there is an entrance at the top of the staff car park near Car Park 4.

Where should I park?

Car park 4 is the nearest pay and display car park. There is a drop off area outside the entrance in the staff car park adjacent to the ward.

About the team

The Urogynaecology Clinic is Nurse Led. Many patients do not need to be seen by a consultant they can be managed by the Nurses and the GP.

However if surgery is being considered our lead consultant is Mr Jonathon Bibby. He has a specialist interest in uro-gynaecology. He manages the majority of patients with vaginal prolapse and incontinence symptoms.

Denise Hunt is a specialist nurse with general qualifications and further qualifications and training in urogynaecology. Denise has worked in the urogynaecology clinic for 14 years

Valerie Smith is a senior staff nurse, also a trained general nurse with a specialist interest and training in urogynaecolgy and has worked in the clinic for three years.

Links on other websites

Any other information

We also offer a telephone advice service and the opportunity, where appropriate, to carry out a review of symptoms by telephone for those who may have difficulty attending the clinic.

We review patients who have had surgery, usually whilst they are in hospital and again after discharge if necessary.

We offer support during pregnancy to ladies experiencing bladder difficulties.

We offer teaching sessions to GP practices.

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