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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Community Children's Nursing Service

Community Children's Nursing Service


Contact details

Telephone: 01604 523896

The community children's nursing service is available from Monday-Friday 08.00-18.30 excluding bank holidays.

The service is available from Monday-Friday (excluding bank holidays) 08.00 - 18.30

 The community children's nursing service (CCN's) consists of lead nurse, senior staff nurses, children's support workers and a children's trainer and competency assessor. We provide a comprehensive nursing service to children and young people (CYP) who have nursing needs which cannot be met by universal services, including children and young people with acute and short-term conditions, with disabilities and complex conditions, including those requiring continuing care and neonates. And children and young people with life-limiting and life-threatening illness including those requiring palliative and end of life care. 

We also offer competency based training programmes to support individuals in meeting the complex health needs of the children and young people.

We provide care to:

  • Children aged 0-18 years
  • Children who are residents in the South of Northamptonshire.
  • Children who are registered with a GP in the south of Northamptonshire, who have a GP who is part of the Nene Commissioning Group.


Children who meet the criteria would include those who are:

  • Children who have palliative/end of life needs.
  • Enterally fed
  • Have Oxygen requirement
  • Require suction
  • Have a Tracheostomy
  • Require saturation monitoring
  • Requiring nebulised therapy
  • Require post-operative wound care/catheter removal
  • On going management of ACE procedure
  • Have a ileostomy, colostomy or urostomy
  • Have a pressure ulcer

(Please note the above are examples and not a definitive list)

Referrals are made to our service via the referral management centre this can be accesses at:

The Community Nursing Team