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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Paediatric HIV Service

Paediatric HIV Service


The HIV service that we provide is very varied

For children diagnosed with HIV

We educate them about their health, building their knowledge in stages over a period of time. We are involved in naming the condition of the child, and help and support them and their family with their understanding of the condition. We support the with adherence to their medication and also help them with sexual health education. We also guide then through the transition process.

We provide this within the family home on a regular basis depending on their individual needs.

For babies being born to HIV mothers

We give support and guidance to women with HIV antenatally and support them following the birth and throughout the screening of their child, of which the process takes 18 months.

The HIV team

Karen-Hayward---Paediatric-Nurse-Specialist-Cropped-115x173                     Dr-Fiona-Thompson2

HIV Specialist Nurse:                              HIV Specialist Consultant:

Karen Hayward.                                       Dr Fiona Thompson

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