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Colorectal Surgery

Colorectal Surgery Department

The colorectal surgery department is led by a team of five consultants.

  •  Mr Khalil Khalil, Consultant Surgeon and Colorectal MDT Lead
  •  Mr Peter Kang, Consultant Surgeon
  •  Mr John Evans, Consultant Surgeon
  •  Mr Ugo Ihedioha, Consultant Surgeon
  •  Mr Jamel Ahmed, Consultant Surgeon
  •  Mr David Hunter, Consultant Surgeon

We also have specialist colorectal and stoma nursing teams.

  • Ms Lorraine Batty, Stoma Lead Nurse
  • Ms Carol-Anne Simms, Colorectal Nurse Practitioner


The scope of practice in colorectal surgery is wide, consisting of management of benign and malignant disease. 

Benign condition operations include open and transhaemorrhoidal haemorrhoidectomy, management of fissure in ano with advancement flap as well as botulinum toxin injection, removing of colorectal polyps including endoscopic colonoscopic excision, transanal excision of rectal polyp tumour and transanal excision microsurgery (TEMS).  Also other operations for small and large bowel resection for inflammatory bowel disease, segmental and total colectomy/proctocolectomy and formation of ileoanal pouch. 

Management of malignant disease includes small bowel, colon and rectal cancer surgery. 

Operations include small bowel resection, segmental and total colonic resection, right, left and sigmoid colectomy as well as anterior resection, both high and low with coloanal pouches, abdomino-perianal excision of the rectum, stoma formation and diversion. 

Palliative procedures include stoma formation and colonic stent insertion. 

Hernia surgery includes both elective and emergency.  Hernia repair consistent with inguinal, femoral, abdominal wall and incisional hernia. 

The department undertakes both elective and emergency operations covering both a full spectrum of laparoscopic and open surgical operation. 

We also manage patients with all manner of undifferentiated pathologies and have pathways for liaison with regional teaching hospital for the provision of services of lower GI and Hepatobiliary cancers as well as benign cases. 

We have very close links with the 8 man gastroenterology department in this hospital.

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