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Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery

Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery Department


The Upper Gastronintestinal surgery department is led by a team of three consultants.

  • Mr Guy Finch, Consultant Surgeon and clincal lead
    Secretaries: Florette Marshall telephone: 01604 523884
    and Hilary Hart telephone:01604 523884
  • Miss Clare Brown, Consultant Surgeon
  • Mr Diego Dumpierres, Locum Consultant Surgeon

The  department also have a specialist upper GI nursing team led by Sue Kells and Sarah Desborough-Brothers, Clinical Nurse Specialists .

The Upper GI department currently has  Consultants who specialise in:

Benign Upper GI and HPB disorders

  • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, bile duct exploration, fundoplication, gastropexy (correction of hiatus hernias), cardiomyotomy, splenectomy and access for enteral feeding
  • Endoscopic diagnosis, stenting, PEG feeding and ERCP
  • Palliative procedures for Upper GI and HPB malignancies
  • Gastric bypass, ERCP, Oesophageal stenting
  • Hernia surgery
  • Routine inguinal, femoral, abdominal wall and hiatal hernias
  • Complex incisional hernias – laparoscopic and open procedures
  • Emergency surgery
  • For complications of bariatric surgery, Peptic ulcer disease and biliary disease
  • We also manage patients with all manner of undifferentiated pathologies and have pathways for liaison with regional teaching hospitals for the provision of services for Upper GI and HPB cancers and some complex benign diseases (such as severe pancreatitis)
We have very close links with a strong 8 man Gastroenterology department.
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