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Newborn Hearing Screening Programme

Newborn Hearing Screening Programme


Our Service

Welcome to our team at Northampton General Hospital. The Newborn hearing screening programme (NHSP) is provided to offer all new parents the option to have their baby's hearing screened within the first few weeks of life. We aim to screen as many babies as possible whilst they are on the wards, but if this is not possible we will send a clinic appointment. It is really important to identify any problems with hearing immediately as the early involvement from the audiology team gives babies a better outlook for speech and language development.


A baby having an AOAE (automated Otoacoustic emissions) which is the initial screen we perform.


A baby having an ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response) the second (if required) screen we perform.

Meet the team

We have three screeners presently: Kerri Burnage, Lois Francis and Kirsty Whenmouth. We also have our senior screener Josie Prydderch. The Local Manager is Sally Bussey.

The Paediatric Audiology lead is Sarah Trkulja and the Team Leader is Dr Tracey Davis, the consultant paediatrician who quality assures the program.

New born hearing screening started at Northampton General Hospital in May 2005. Since then we have screened 65,171 babies up to December 2019.

The dedicated team all work together to provide valuable service for local families throughout the whole year.

For more information about the NHSP national service please follow the below links.

Or contact the new-born hearing screening office on 01604 523810

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