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NGH nurse receives award for his outstanding compassionate care

A paediatric nurse from Northampton General Hospital has received a DAISY Award for the outstanding compassionate care and support he provided for a father with a sick baby son.

Matt Friedel, from Northampton, nominated Stewart Hilton, a Staff Nurse on Paddington Ward, for the care he delivered to his baby Ollie.

His nomination read: “My baby was less than a week old when he was admitted to Paddington’s HDU with episodes of non-breathing due to a virus. As a medical professional, my natural instinct was to try and help and be involved with his care, be strong for others and keep my emotions in check.

“However, as a father it was very hard to stand on the side-lines while others were caring for my son and at times it was hard to keep my emotions in check when I saw how poorly my son was and how much my wife was struggling.

“Stewart was brilliant throughout. Not only did he help care for my son, he gave support to my wife and ensured, as a non-medical professional that she understood what was going on, but he also recognised when I started to struggle.

“At this point he took me aside and gave me the time, support and comfort that I needed. He gave me the opportunity to speak candidly about my fears and offered advice and comfort by relaying some of his personal experiences. This was not something he needed to do, but going up and beyond like he did helped me get through the awful days and this is the reason why I am nominating him for the DAISY award.”

Stewart received his award from NGH’s Chief Nursing Officer, Nerea Odongo, along with an accompanying pin badge, “Healer’s Touch” sculpture, and cinnamon buns for his team.

Nerea said: “I was delighted and very proud to be able to present Stewart with his well-deserved DAISY Award.

“He went the extra mile to ensure that a mother and father were fully involved with the care of their baby son at a very worrying time.

“Congratulations Stewart on your award and once again, we want to thank everyone who takes the time to nominate our staff members for these awards. Please keep the nominations coming.”

To nominate a nurse or midwife for a DAISY Award go to 

You can also nominate teams at Northampton General Hospital for an award if you want to thank more than one person for your care and support. Just mention the team on our nomination form.

Posted on Tuesday 16th April 2024
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