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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust




Contact details

Telephone: 01604 545508

How to find us

Clinics are held in the Main Outpatients Department (MOPD), area K.

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Nephrology is a branch of internal medicine dealing with the study of the function and diseases of the kidney. The Northamptonshire Kidney Centre provides facilities for in-patient and day-case, both emergency and elective, for patients with renal disease from throughout Northamptonshire. Clinics are also held in the Main Outpatient department.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring your appointment letter and if asked to, a urine sample.

About the team

Consultant Nephrologists:

  • Dr Sohail Ahmad
  • Dr Georgina Aldous
  • Dr Warren Pickering
  • Dr Boavojuvie Oseya
  • Dr Sourjya Kar
  • Dr Ismaa Kiani

Clinics are held in the Main Outpatients Department (MOPD) Area K.


  • Michelle Tebbutt (Monday - Thursday)          Tel: 01604 523555
  • Jo Ewen (Tuesday – Thursday)                        Tel: 01604 523935
  • Amanda Holden (Monday – Friday)               Tel: 01604 545127
  • Gill Heath (Monday – Friday)                         Tel: 01604 544943

Support Secretary:

  • Reda Raudone (Monday – Friday)                  Tel: 01604 523458

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