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Willow Ward

Willow Ward


Contact details

Telephone:  01604 545548

Ward sister: Julie Dunkley  01604 545548

Junior ward sister: Mrs Alix Bunce 01604 544548 

Modern matron: Pat Miller  01604 523389

Associate Director of Nursing: Debbie Emery  01604 523908

How to find us

Willow ward is located in Area A.  From car park 1 enter the hospital at the south entrance, walk to hospital street then turn right and you will find Willow ward towards the end of the hospital street opposite Rowan ward.

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Visiting times on the ward are:

  • 11.00 - 20.00

For more information on visiting please visit the visitors page. Visiting outside of the main visiting times must be agreed with the nurse in charge.

Please note that only two visitors are allowed per bed.  However, there may be occasions when this is restricted to one visitor to bed to help prevent the spread of infection.

We also ask visitors to respect that our patients mealtimes are protected so that we can help ensure they receive optimum nutritional intake.  We therefore ask that visitors do not attend during meal times so that our nursing staff can ensure the ward environment is conducive to eating and all staff are available to assist those patients who require help to eat their meals.


Willow ward contains 28 beds with nine level 1 beds for those surgical patients needing a higher level of nursing care.  The ward specialises in caring for patients who have had vascular surgery.

What do I need for my stay in hospital?

You should bring toiletries, nightwear, slippers and comfortable daywear.  You should also bring your medications with you.  A small amount of money may be useful to buy newspapers, magazines and confectionery.

Is there anything I should not bring with me?

Flowers are not allowed on the ward.

Ward staff are not responsible for the safekeeping of money and valuables, so please do not bring valuables or large amounts of money into hospital with you. 


About the nursing team

The nursing team consists of student nurses, healthcare assistants, junior and senior staff nurses. The nursing team is supported by the modern matron and directorate head nurse.

If you have any concerns or questions

If you have any concerns, queries, questions or complaints please talk to the nurse looking after you.  You will also see the ward sister or junior sister on a daily basis and they will ask you if you would like to discuss anything regarding your stay on Willow ward.  The modern matron also undertakes ward rounds to make sure that patients are satisfied with the care and treatment they are receiving.   She also holds drop-in sessions twice a week when relatives and patients may talk to her about any concerns they may have.


On the day you are discharged from hospital you will be transferred to the discharge lounge unless there is a medical reason for you to stay on the ward.  Please make sure that your relatives are fully informed about your discharge date and that transport has been arranged to take you home.  If you have any concerns about your discharge please speak with the nurse in charge.

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