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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system at NGH

South Entrance

Updated 05/04/2024

A new car parking system is coming into effect at Northampton General Hospital from Monday 11th March.

The new Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system means that visitors will only pay for the time they have stayed on the hospital site. It also means visitors won’t need to buy tickets as the cameras will register cars entering and exiting the car park using their vehicle number plate.

The ANPR system photographs the registration of all vehicles that enter and leave the hospital site. These cameras are linked to on-site pay machines meaning you now pay when you leave the hospital.

Northampton General Hospital’s Head of Hotel Services said: “The new ANPR system will improve the car parking experience for patients and visitors on site. The process will mean patients and visitors only pay for the time they have been at the hospital and won’t have to worry about car parking tickets running out.

As well as this we hope the new system will improve vehicle movement on site and provide a quicker entrance and exit to our car parks”.

New payment machines have been installed on site which will require members of the public to enter their registration number into the ANPR pay machines to pay for their parking.

There will be no need to pay in advance, and no need to display a ticket. People can pay using cash, card, contactless and app at the payment machines.

Patients and visitors will still need to park in marked bays and adhere to car parking rules. Patients and visitors will also be able to drop off and pick up for 30 minutes including taxi’s for free.

ANPR will not impact free parking for registered Blue Badge users and concessions for other patient and visitor groups, the price of parking for other users remains the same.

Blue Badge parking from 11th March

Parking is free for registered disabled Blue Badge holders in our public car parks and in marked disabled bays.

To receive free parking, you must register your Blue Badge every day you visit the hospital to ensure your details are relevant and up to date. Once you have registered your Blue Badge you will be exempt from parking charges until midnight on the day of your visit. If you have an overnight visit, you will need to scan or enter your badge numbers on each day or email us with details of your visit within the last 48 hours.

To avoid a Parking Charge Notice please ensure you either:

  1. Scan your Blue Badge or enter your Blue Badge number at any payment machine and enter your Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) at anytime during your visit. If you visit the hospital regularly, it may be useful to keep a note of your Blue Badge number to prevent you needing to return to your car as you can enter the number manually, or
  2. Email your name, date of visit, Blue Badge number and expiry date and VRN details to within 48 hours of your visit, or
  3. Go to the Travel Office, near to the main reception (Cliftonville, Area D), with your Blue Badge. The travel office will not be able to extend your Blue Badge for longer than the day of your visit. 

Blue Badges must be fully displayed and the correct side up within the car. Please be advised that the Blue Badge Scheme parking regulations do not apply on the NGH site.

Where possible, please use the payment terminals to scan your Blue Badge or manually enter the last seven digits. Please note that when scanning your Blue Badge it is the barcode on the back of the card that needs to be scanned under the red light.

Blue Badge holders cannot park on double yellow or red lines and any other areas indicated as fire routes within the hospital grounds or any other parking restricted areas indicated by signage and/or permitted time. Visitor and patient Blue Badge holders are not permitted to park in any staff parking areas.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at and the team will do their best to support.

Concessionary weekly ticket from 11th March

A concessionary weekly parking ticket costing £10, can be purchased from the Travel Office near to the main reception (Cliftonville, Area D). To get a weekly pass please ask the ward team to complete a form to authorise this.

Frequent outpatient attenders from 11th March

Parking will be provided free to all outpatients who attend hospital for an appointment at least 3 times within a month and for an overall period of at least 3 months. A ‘month’ is defined as a period of 30 days. Please go to the Travel Office with proof of appointments.

Parents of sick children staying overnight from 11th March

The parent of a child in hospital overnight is a parent or guardian of a child or young person, under 18 years of age, who is admitted as an inpatient at hospital overnight. They will receive free parking between the hours of 7.30pm and 8.00am while visiting the child. This would apply to a maximum of 2 vehicles. Please go to the Travel Office with proof of overnight stay.

Concessions from 11th March

Free parking is available for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Please discuss this with the department.

Free parking is also available for visitors of patients who are receiving end of life care. Please speak to the Specialist Palliative Care Team.

Posted on Friday 1st March 2024
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