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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

NGH nurses receive awards for outstanding compassionate care

DAISY web & social media- Dec 2023

The four DAISY Honourees receiving their awards

Nurses from Northampton General Hospital have received DAISY Awards for the outstanding compassionate care and support they have provided.

They were nominated for their awards by families, and by a colleague, as part of an international recognition programme that honours and celebrates exceptional care.

Paediatric Emergency Department Charge Nurse, Kerry Marriott was nominated by Gemma Friedel, from Northampton, the mother of baby Ollie.

Gemma said: “My five-day old baby boy stopped breathing, turned blue and became floppy while breastfeeding at home. By the time we got to A&E I had no idea what was wrong with my baby, I felt overwhelmed with emotion and was terrified that he was going to die.

“Everyone in A&E were very professional and efficient at looking after my baby, but it felt like there was a lot of hustle and bustle with multiple people asking me to explain again and again what happened. Throughout all of this Kerry really stood out as someone who not only helped lead the care for my baby, but also helped look after me. She tried to explain as soon as she could what was happening, and answered honestly when I had questions and helped to get them answered. I was absolutely distraught from what was happening and it felt like Kerry recognised this and her act of kindness really helped me during the worst hours of my life and it is for this reason why I am putting her forward for the DAISY award. “

Rupal Shah, the mother of 11-year-old Arjun Malde, nominated Staff Nurse, Maddie Cooke from Paddington Ward for the care of her son during his first hospital admission.

Rupal, who is from Northampton, said: “My son was admitted to Paddington ward and the first face we saw was Maddie. From the get-go he felt so comfortable in her care. She has been fantastic with reassurance, kindness, taking the time to explain everything in detail and allowing my son to ask questions whilst medicating or taking obs. It was his first hospital experience, and he was being assessed by various different surgeons, registrars, consultants and teams.

“She still remained on top of it all. And most importantly very calm and reassuring. Always coming in with a big smile. Everyone has their own experience of the NHS, for us Maddie has raised that bar and made us an even stronger supporter of the NHS! “

Patient, Gerald Wagner, nominated Staff Nurse, Diana Amassah from Willow Ward for the support she gave him during a series of serious operations.

He wrote: “When I was on Willow ward with tubes and pipes sticking out of me all over a lot of the time, I did not know what was going on with me. I remember coming to one day and Diana was sitting next to me, gently talking to me and holding my arm for a long time. This happened on several occasions. If ever she was passing through the ward she would always smile and wave to me which lifted my spirits and helped me get through what was happening to me.

She is an exceptional nurse and explained things to me very well and I hope this may repay her for all her efforts with me and how much I appreciate her. “

Respiratory Therapy Acute Response (Response) Team Nurse, Tony Cooper from Becket Ward was nominated by Tobacco Treatment Adviser Amanda Stansfield

Amanda said: “Tony is most definitely one of NGH unsung heroes in my eyes. He is extremely passionate about every aspect of his job and the care he gives to his patients is second to none. He is a mountain of information in his respiratory speciality role and is always more than happy to share his knowledge to help others to become more proficient in their roles too.

“Since last summer when I stepped into my new role as Tobacco Treatment Advisor he has been so very supportive, encouraging and extremely helpful with anything that both Simon and I have done to try and make this new service in the Trust as successful as we possibly can.

Without him I honestly think that this service would be in a very different place that it is today.“

The nurses received their awards from NGH’s Chief Nursing Officer, Nerea Odongo, or other senior nurses. Each winner also received an accompanying pin badge, “Healer’s Touch” sculpture and cinnamon buns for their teams.

Nerea said: “I am delighted and very proud to be able to announce some more great DAISY Award winners.

“Kerry provided outstanding care to a mum and her baby at a most difficult time and Maddie helped make a child’s first experience of hospital a more positive and reassuring one.

“Tony has demonstrated how taking an interest in supporting your colleagues is so much appreciated with a powerful impact and Diana supported a patient during the most difficult of times.

“Compassionate care and support as demonstrated by these extraordinary nurses is what we try and achieve every day and what the DAISY Awards aim to celebrate.

“Once again, we want to thank everyone who takes the time to nominate our staff members for these awards. Please keep the nominations coming.”

To nominate a nurse or midwife for a DAISY Award go to

You can also nominate teams at Northampton General Hospital for an award if you want to thank more than one person for your care and support. Just mention the team on our nomination form.

Photo caption:

  • Top left: Staff Nurse Diana Amassah from Willow Ward with her nominee patient Gerald Wagner
  • Top right: Restart Team Nurse Tony Cooper (centre) with Nerea Odongo and Amanda Stansfield.
  • Bottom left: Arjun Malde, 11, with Staff Nurse Maddie Cooke from Paddington Ward receiving her DAISY Award from Chief Nursing Officer Nerea Odongo.
  • Bottom right: Paediatric Emergency Department Charge Nurse Kerry Marriott with Gemma Friedel and baby Ollie and daughter Maggie.
Posted on Friday 29th December 2023
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