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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Maternity visiting update


From Monday 12th April we are increasing our visiting times for birthing partners. They will now be able to stay during induction of labour, during the stay of their partner on Labour ward, Labour ward Theatres and the recovery room following theatre, in a safe and COVID secure way.  

Partners will continue to be able to support their loved one on the labour ward.

Two of the services have now reverted to the visiting times pre-COVID. These include the Induction Process and Observation Area where partners can now stay until 22:00.

Birth partners will also be able to accompany their partner to the postnatal ward following delivery, if this is after 7.30pm in the evening, partners will be asked to go home shortly after arrival to the postnatal ward.

Daily visiting on the postnatal ward has been extended to 2pm-7.30pm.

Birth partners will be swabbed for COVID on the day of arrival to Labour ward and on alternate days thereafter on the postnatal wards.  We ask that birth partners help us all to stay safe by cleaning their hands regularly, wearing a face mask, keeping a 2 metre distance from other patients and staff and remaining in the allocated bed space or room at all times.

One support person is also able to attend scanning appointments and antenatal appointments. More details about these appointments and the testing requirements are available on our website.

Community services and antenatal appointments services have also moved to two new locations as permanent maternity hubs. One is located on Towcester Road in Far Cotton and the other is located on Billing Road. Further details will be sent to patients soon.

Posted on Wednesday 14th April 2021
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