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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

ROSE Awards for colleagues who are kind, compassionate, and respectful

Rose awards June
Hard-working, kind, compassionate, and dedicated staff who support their patients, and their colleagues, in outstanding ways have received ROSE Awards from Northampton General Hospital.

Play Assistant Karen Musgrove from Disney Ward was nominated by her colleague Staff Nurse Gemma Roy.

Part of her nomination reads:

“She is wonderful at her job, bringing joy and smiles to children of all ages. Helping children with procedures and keeping them entertained with games, activities and play. Karen is able to form bonds with teenage patients and has been able to break through and communicate with CAMHS patients. She goes above and beyond with her care, compassion, and understanding with patients. She brings this love of life and enjoyment to staff too, brightening everyone’s shift. She is pure sunshine.”

Physiotherapist Debbie Garner was nominated for her award by Tigimol Jomon, Althorp Ward Manager

Part of her nomination reads:

“She works with dedication, is empathetic and hard-working, making sure that the patients are placed in the centre of care and has acted as an advocate for the patients. She communicates well with the multi-disciplinary team and makes sure that everyone takes an active role in giving the best care of the patients. She is very knowledgeable and teaches the junior staff with enthusiasm. Debbie is an inspiration for all of us, she is always in good spirits and supports all members of the team.”

Healthcare Assistant Carmel Cregan was nominated for her award by Jane Beedie, Lead Nurse for Diabetes.

Part of her nomination reads:

“Carmel never grumbles and is always wonderful, kind, and compassionate towards our regular patients. She is an unsung hero because she quietly provides a high level of care to very complex patients without fanfare or ceremony. She is wonderful in her support of the department and is always compassionate and respectful in her role within main outpatients.”

ROSE stands for Recognising Our Staff Excellence (ROSE) and celebrates care delivered by staff where they show empathy, compassion, and dedication, that goes beyond the normal call of duty.

Staff who can be nominated include clinical healthcare support workers, allied health professions (AHPs), such as therapists, operating department practitioners, and radiographers. The awards also include pharmacists, scientists, and other non-nursing or non-medical clinical registrants.

Chief Nurse Nerea Odongo said: “Karen, Debbie, and Carmel have all been nominated by their colleagues who see them at work every day and are able to fully appreciate just what they do for their patients, and for all the staff members who they come into contact with.

“Their nominations demonstrate just what we are looking for in our ROSE Awards and the awards themselves help us to say thank you to them for what they do for our patients and for the departments they work in.”

To make a ROSE Award nomination go to: 

All nominations will be reviewed by the ROSE judging panel on a quarterly basis, and we will look at awarding those who:

  • Model empathy and demonstrate a caring attitude in all situations
  • Demonstrate extraordinary clinical skills in the delivery of compassionate patient care
  • Have a positive attitude and demonstrates professionalism in the work environment
  • Exemplifies the mission, vision, and values of NGH
  • Establish a special connection with the patients and families
Posted on Wednesday 19th June 2024
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