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Meet our Best Possible Care Award Winners

Meet the winners of our Best Possible Care Awards 2019!

We meet our thirteen winners of this years Best Possible Care Awards and find out why they were nominated by patients, colleagues and visitors.

Audrey and Tim Barnard- Volunteer of the Year

Audrey and Tim Barnard 

Audrey and Tim are our first volunteer couple, and have been instrumental in strengthening our service and enhancing the training offered to volunteers and services offered to patients. Their wealth of knowledge has been invaluable to the service and. They are two amazing people who whole heartedly support NGH and we could not be without them!


Chellappah Gnanachandran- Clinical Educator of the Year 

Chellappah Gnanachandran

Mr Gnanachandran is the epitome of an excellent clinical educator. In the days of increasing pressure on theatre lists and reducing time for training he always finds a way of turning each experience into an educational opportunity. He trains juniors both surgically and medically and is constantly supporting junior doctors to participate in research projects. He facilitates friendly debates and learning.


Clinical Coding Team- Non-Clinical Team of the Year

Clinical Coding Team

In a year of challenges, the team put together the best quarterly audit results ever achieved at NGH. A genuine desire to improve how we capture quality, accurate and useable clinical information has been at the forefront of this. The dedicated admin team who tirelessly chase notes, the coders who always have quality as their mantra and the management team, have made it a year to be proud of.


David Richards- Quality Improvement Award

David Richards

David has been responsible for a drastic increase in patients being treated and cured of Hepatitis C. His devotion to treating patients has developed the service into the local community with the goal of eliminating hepatitis C in England by 2025. David has created exceptional working relationships with teams across the NHS and county. I can’t say thank you enough for his commitment to this servic


Hilary Hart- Outstanding Contribution Award

Hilary Hart

This year our Outstanding Contribution award went to someone who knows Northampton General Hospital inside and out and who has dedicated their life’s work to the hospital.

Without their commitment and dedication thousands of patients wouldn’t have received the care required for them to live life to the full. Their dedication to the team and the invaluable support they have provided to colleagues shows in the amount of gratitude and respect people have for this person.

The support this person gives to their department is second to none and they have been recognised not only by their colleagues, but it was also an easy decision for our judging panel too.


Joseph Ahenkorah and Ruth Smith- Unsung Hero Award (Non-clinical)

Joseph Ahenkorah and Ruth Smith

Joseph Ahenkorah

Joseph has supported many of our projects using his unique, technical skill set and friendly approach to produce excellent work. He’s very flexible, gives fair timescales though often delivers much sooner, and always makes sure he’s understood the brief fully before starting work. This award would be well represented with Joseph for all he does behind the scenes that goes unrecognised by the front end IT users.

Ruth Smith

Ruth has led on and recruited volunteers to join her in promoting the services available to veterans and those serving in the Armed Forces coming to NGH. She’s done a huge amount of work towards this already. She encourages us to do our best to provide the best care to those who contribute so much to our society, but can be easily overlooked or who may be less visible.


Julie Melvin and Mihaela Ene- Unsung Hero Award (Clinical)

Julie Melvin and Mihaela Ene

Julie Melvin

 My mum was at the end of her life and looking at the flowers through her window in Collingtree ward. She was an avid gardener. The day before she died we visited and there was a little pot of flowers on mums table. We later found out that Julie noticed her looking out of the window and went and picked them for her so she could smell them. This little act of kindness meant the world to us.

Mihaela Ene

One evening in resus we had a young patient who had been stabbed in the chest. I was concerned he may have a life threatening heart injury so called for Dr Ene. Despite it not being her speciality, she was there immediately and scanned the patient to confirm that his heart was ok. She had a very heavy workload but she stepped up, as she always does, to help her patients and colleagues when they are in need.

Neonatal Outreach Team- Clinical Team of the Year

Neonatal Outreach Team

The team ensure babies can be discharged home from the neonatal unit earlier with nursing support. These babies have often been on a long and difficult journey in their short lives and this service enables families to continue to care for babies in their own homes. Joyce and Amanda use their wealth of knowledge and skills to provide support and care for these families for as long it’s required.


Sue Lloyd- Patient Experience Award

Sue Lloyd

Sue is an amazing person. When pregnant with my second baby and she knew how nervous I was after my first pregnancy. She did all of my appointments and there were a few times where I worried and phoned her for help. She told me to come in straight away and did a scan. She did my C-section and supported me throughout. Her service and skills are amazing and I wouldn’t have coped without her.


Tracy Keats- Patient Safety Award

Tracy Keats

There can be no greater area of patient safety as important as safeguarding our most vulnerable patients. Tracy has transformed safeguarding at NGH. She’s dedicated, hardworking and always puts high quality care above all else. She’s also calm and pragmatic which are two essential qualities in her role. I’ve learnt so much from her and never feel I can’t pick up the phone and bounce a problem off of her.


Brian Hayes- Fundraiser of the Year

Brian Hayes

Brian is a volunteer at NGH. At 82 years young he has supported the charity for a number of years and took on the challenge of abseiling the lift tower for the second time this year. He raised an incredible £1,206.48 for Breast Care Services at NGH and last year raised an amazing £1,345 for the Childrens wards.

Posted on Monday 14th October 2019
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