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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

NGH maternity care rated highly by the Care Quality Commission

The results of the latest CQC survey of maternity services across the UK show that maternity care offered by the midwifery team at NGH continues to be highly rated.

In response to two of the questions, ‘Did you feel that the midwives you saw always listened to you?’ and ‘Postnatally, when you were at home did you have a number to contact your midwife/midwifery team? The results for NGH were better than most other UK trusts, and, in response to the question ‘Were you offered choices about where to have your baby’, NGH scored significantly higher than last year’s results.

 141 women who gave birth at NGH during February 2018 took part in the CQC’s latest review of maternity services.  The response rate of 45.19% was above the national response rate of 36.8%.

The survey questions are split into three overall categories and scored out of maximum score of 10.  For the majority of questions NGH scored the same as other trusts.

NGH scored 9/10 for care during pregnancy and during labour and birth; 8.9/10 for staff and 7.4 /10 for care after the birth. 

Heather Gallagher, Associate Director of Midwifery at NGH, said ‘It’s pleasing that so many of our mums took the time to take part in this important survey, and that our results rate us consistently higher than most other UK trusts.  The results reflect the dedication, commitment and effort from our highly skilled maternity teams who work in the hospital and within the community, and how much that is appreciated.

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Overall results are scored as ‘better’, ‘about the same’ or ‘worse’, than the national scores for questions. Scoring is worked out using a standardisation process which takes account of adjustments for different demographic profiles in different parts of the country. For this reason scores out of ten and not percentage scores are used.

Posted on Tuesday 29th January 2019
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