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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Northampton General Hospital wins award for pastoral care of international nurses and midwives

Some of the International Nurses at NGH

Some International Nurses with Maria Sagucio, International Nurse Pastoral Support Facilitator (Left)

Northampton General hospital has won an NHS award for the way it supports international nurses and midwives.

It has been awarded the NHS Pastoral Care Quality Award for International Nurses to recognise its commitment to providing exceptional support for staff moving to work in the UK from overseas.

Some of the services provided for nurses and midwives include language support, cultural awareness training, and access to support networks and resources.

Ravika Ramaloo is a Staff Nurse who joined NGH along with her husband in November 2022. She said: “The pastoral support that we have received has been a beacon of light for me and my family prior to us even reaching the UK. This made our transition to work and life in a new country a positively pleasant experience. The work the team does is so important and so appreciated."

Adelowo Adeola Febisola, an Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN) at NGH, said: "The pastoral support began from the day I signed my employment offer, all through the process till the point of my entry into the UK. The pastoral care I received gave me a sense of belonging and emotional balance that helped me in settling down in my new home.”

The NHS Pastoral Care Quality Award is part of NHS England and NHS Improvement’s International Recruitment Programme. Initially launched in March 2022, the award scheme helps to standardise the quality and delivery of pastoral care for internationally educated nurses and midwives across England.

Maria Sagucio, International Nurse Pastoral Support Facilitator, explained how the team have supported internationally educated nurses and midwives. She said: “I am proud to lead the Pastoral Support for Northampton General Hospital, and this recognition would not have been possible without the collective efforts of our dedicated staff members, who have consistently demonstrated compassion, empathy, and cultural sensitivity.

“We are incredibly proud of our team's commitment to providing a nurturing and supportive environment that encourages personal and professional growth. 

“We believe that exceptional pastoral care is an integral component of providing quality healthcare. We recognise the importance of addressing our internationally educated nurses and midwives' emotional, cultural, and professional needs. By fostering an environment that embraces diversity, inclusivity, and mutual respect, we ensure that our staff members receive the support they need to thrive and deliver exemplary care”.

The award acknowledges the hospital's efforts to deliver exceptional pastoral care services which recognise the unique needs and challenges faced by internationally educated nurses and midwives creating a supportive and inclusive environment where staff members feel valued, understood, and equipped to deliver their best care.

The hospital met all the best practice standards for pastoral care and offered a range of pastoral care services to support them as they settle into their new roles and adapt to life in a new country.

Heidi Smoult, Chief Executive of Northampton General Hospital, said: "We are thrilled to have been recognised for our commitment to providing exceptional pastoral care to our international nursing staff. Enhanced pastoral support has a positive impact and supports the wellbeing of our colleagues.

“We believe that an inclusive and supportive workplace is essential for all our staff to feel valued and able to thrive.”

You can find information about the award on the NHS England and NHS Improvement website:

Posted on Wednesday 31st May 2023
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