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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

NGH senior nurses receives awards for outstanding support for their teams

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DAISY Leader Award winners: L-R: Kirsty Spazzolino, Christina Mallinder and Jo Smith

Three senior nurses from Northampton General Hospital have received DAISY Leader Awards for the compassionate support and exceptional leadership they have given to their staff teams during difficult times.

Associate Director Nursing Women’s, Children’s Oncology and Haematology, Jo Smith, Interim Associate Director of Nursing for Surgery, Kirsty Spazzolino, and Matron for Urgent Care, Christina Mallinder, were all nominated for their awards by their nursing colleagues.

DAISY Leader awards are an international award designed to recognise exceptional leaders who support their staff and maintain high quality care for patients.

Jo Smith’s nomination included these comments: “Jo embodies what it is to be a compassionate leader. While working under huge pressure she is able to remain considerate of other people and supports them with what they need. She has been a shining light for the maternity service this year. She understands the need to support the potential in others and has been brave and courageous enough to support the leaders in the organisation to be the best that they can be.”

Jo said: “It was an absolute honour and pleasure to be given a DAISY Leader Award. I never thought I would be nominated, let alone be awarded a DAISY Leader. It’s a true honour and privilege to work with my colleagues in the Women's, Children’s, Oncology and Haematology division. I wouldn’t be the leader I am today without the support of my team and their encouragement.”

Kirsty Spazzolino’s nomination included these comments: “In such a short time, she showed me what leadership is. When things get tough, she is the first one to jump in and help. She would never ask someone to do something she wouldn't do herself. Her passion for providing the best care and support for staff and patients drives her every day. She's a wife; she's a nurse; she's a manager; but to me she is a true leader and I'm so glad to see her skills, passion and dedication acknowledged as a fantastic leader. “

Kirsty said: "It was such a shock and honour to have been nominated for the Daisy Leaders award, as it says in the nomination, for doing my job. The teams I work with make it easy to do my job and every one of them are leaders in my eyes. I thank them all for their support daily and for my nominations ".

Christina Mallinder’s nomination comments included: “Christina is a positive role model for all Trust staff and maintains a positive image whilst remaining approachable and enthusiastic. She wants to provide the best care for our patients and ensures the staff are supported in doing this. Good leadership is hard to find - and Christina manages it in a manner that appears effortless.”

Christina said: “I am so honoured and humbled. As the DAISY Award alludes to, I do feel like I am ‘just doing my job’ but a huge part of what I aim to achieve every day when I go into work is to ensure my staff feel valued, supported, and able to do their best for their patients. Receiving this leadership award was very special to me as gave me the assurance that I am able to achieve this.”

Jo, Kirsty and Christina were all presented with an award certificate, pin badge and “Healer’s Touch” sculpture.

Northampton General Hospital’s Director of Nursing, Debra Shanahan, said: “I am delighted and very proud to be able to announce these Daisy Leader Awards.

“Jo, Kirsty and Christina, have clearly provided outstanding leadership to their teams and supported them in an exemplary manner.

“I want to thank everyone who takes the time and trouble to nominate our staff members for these awards which enable patients to nominate staff members for their outstanding care and for our own staff to nominate their leaders for leader awards.

“Please keep the nominations coming.”

To make a nomination go to:

Posted on Friday 10th February 2023
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