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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

NGH's new ROSE Awards let you say thank you

Rose awards

Northampton General Hospital has held its first ever ROSE Awards recognising staff who have been nominated by patients, families or colleagues for their outstanding kindness and support.

Staff were surprised by their senior colleagues with their awards on Friday 22 March 2024.

ROSE stands for Recognising Our Staff Excellence (ROSE) and celebrates care delivered by staff where they show empathy, compassion, and dedication, that goes beyond the normal call of duty.

Staff who can be nominated include clinical healthcare support workers, allied health professions (AHPs), such as therapists, operating department practitioners, and radiographers. The awards also include pharmacists, scientists, and other non-nursing or non-medical clinical registrants.

Anyone can nominate NGH staff members for an award – which are in addition to our existing DAISY Awards which recognise nurses and midwives.

Palmer Winstanley, Acting Chief Executive said: “In addition to doctors, nurses, and midwives, so many of our other staff support patients, families, and their own colleagues, in some incredible ways.

“Developing the ROSE Awards means we can now recognise many of those other staff who do so much to enhance the experience of our hospital.

“I was delighted to see some of the stories behind our first set of award winners and I want to congratulate all our winners, and everyone who was nominated, on doing so much to help others.”

First NGH staff members to win new ROSE awards

Here are some extracts from some of the nominations patients, families, and other members of staff, made for outstanding NGH employees.

Cedar ward patient, Liz Killman, nominated healthcare assistant Naeve Hadler, for the way she supported her after a broken leg.

“In August I had a very nasty fall and fractured my leg which required me to have emergency surgery. I was alone and scared. Naeve was working in the bay I was in. The first time I met her I knew she was a special human being. Immediately she made me feel at ease. She talked to me and listened to me and held my hand when I was crying or upset. She genuinely cared. I watched her do the same for everyone else.  She also made me laugh a lot. I cannot thank her enough for everything she did for me. She is a credit not just to NGH but to the NHS”.

Yasmin Al-Azzawi nominated his colleague, Pharmacist Saeed Bhatti, for the way he supports his patients.

“His bedside manner and compassion towards patients are outstanding – he ensures to follow up any action for them as he understands to them even the little things can be the biggest worry. He takes time to listen to any concerns they have and work within the multidisciplinary team to resolve them, even if it means staying late. A little smile goes a long way and a hard-working colleague such as Saeed deserves to be recognised”

Healthcare Support Worker in the chemotherapy department Heather Gonsalves was nominated by a patient.

“A terminal cancer diagnosis is very traumatic in itself and the icing on the cake is the hair loss and lack of identity that comes with it. I was very nervous about my visit, but you made me feel at ease straight away and I was so impressed with the research and information you had already gathered which made the whole process so much easier. We managed to find two perfect wigs in no time due to all the background work you had done. At a time when I felt at my lowest, you were the positive boost I really needed. I wish to thank you so much”.

Falls Prevention Co-ordinator Lizzie Lomax-Enfield was nominated by her colleague Debbie Moore.

“Lizzie has amazed me with her outstanding dedication towards patients in her capacity at the Falls Prevention Coordinator. Lizzie really gets to know patients and will visit and revisit them through their hospital stay to ensure they have the best opportunity to stay safe. Lizzie shows great compassion towards the patients - her caring attitude truly stands out”.

To make a nomination go to:

All nominations will be reviewed by the ROSE judging panel on a quarterly basis, and we will look at awarding those who:

  • Model empathy and demonstrate a caring attitude in all situations
  • Demonstrate extraordinary clinical skills in the delivery of compassionate patient care
  • Have a positive attitude and demonstrates professionalism in the work environment
  • Exemplifies the mission, vision, and values of NGH
  • Establish a special connection with the patients and families

After this initial event four winners will be announced each quarter, two registered members of staff and two non-registered.

Posted on Friday 22nd March 2024
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