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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Hospitals' excellence awards – your chance to nominate individuals and teams for their great work

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If you want to see the outstanding care and support you have received from staff at Kettering or Northampton general hospitals recognised, now is the perfect time to make that happen.

On Thursday, November 25, both hospitals will host Excellence Awards 2021 and – for the first time – members of the public can get involved in the nomination process at both hospitals. Patients, families and carers can nominate staff and volunteers for an award in a wide variety of categories, which differ slightly between the two hospitals.

Anyone who wants to make a nomination must do it by midnight on Wednesday 3 November using the online form here.

Mark Smith, Chief People Officer for both hospitals, which together form the University Hospitals of Northamptonshire NHS Group, said: “It would be fantastic if the patients and families our colleagues serve were able help us recognise and celebrate our colleagues and volunteers’ unwavering commitment and hard work and dedication over the past 12 months, by getting involved in the nomination process for this year’s Excellence Awards.

“This is your opportunity to show your appreciation for the individuals and teams who make a real difference in delivering care for our local communities.”

Hospital Chief Executive at NGH, Heidi Smoult, said: “Our awards are one of the highlights of the hospital year and a chance for us all to see some of the amazing work staff and volunteers undertake.

“It is a great opportunity for our organisations – and local people - to say a big thank you to those outstanding individuals and teams and give them the recognition they deserve, so they feel truly valued for the excellent care they provide.”

The winners will receive trophies and their achievements will be celebrated across the two Trusts as well in our social media channels.

To find out more about the award categories and ideas on how to deliver your nomination go to

The awards are supported by the Northamptonshire Health Charitable fund and will demonstrate how individuals live the Group values.

  • Compassion- We care about our patients and each other. We consistently show kindness and empathy and take the time to imagine ourselves in other people's shoes.
  • Accountability- We take responsibility for our decisions, our actions and our behaviours. We do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it. We acknowledge our mistakes and we learn.
  • Respect- We values each other, embrace diversity and make sure everyone feels included. We take the time to listen to, appreciate and understand the thoughts, beliefs and feelings of others.
  • Integrity- We are consistently open, honest and trustworthy. We can be relied upon, we stand by our values and we always try to strive to do the right thing.
  • Courage- We dare to take on difficult challenges and try out new things. We find the strength to speak up when it matters and we see potential failure as an opportunity to learn and improve.
Posted on Thursday 28th October 2021
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